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Founded in 1974, Ralco's headquarters are located in Biassono, just outside Milan, Italy. Ralco has steadily grown to become the world's leading manufacturer of medical collimators, specializing in customized units build to specification. After over 40 years, Ralco has more experience and knowledge in radiological collimating applications than any other manufacturer.

The range of X-ray collimators produced by Ralco is extensive. The entire gamut covers almost all the medical X-ray equipment on the market, from collimators used on mobile units to systems specifically suited for sophisticated cardiovascular applications. Ralco's production policy is flexibility with high quality standards, at the right price.

Quality assurance and control procedures are applied to ensure collimators are designed and manufatured to the highest standards. Ralco is IEC 60601, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE, CSA, Canadian Health and FDA certified. Our employees participate in company wide training programs to provide on-going improvement - this benefit is passed on to the customer.

We strive to provide the same excellence to our North American customers with the opening of our California branch, Ralco Medical Components Inc. We maintain active sales, a spare parts depot and repair facility to serve all your needs.

Due to Ralco's extensive product line we allow customers to reach the market faster since we have a collimator to suit your needs. Whether you have analogical, digital, or hybrid systems and require manual, motorized or automatic collimators, we have you covered.


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